Project results

1. Let's Guide educational on-line platform with main training content and interactive learning scenarios

The platform offers a free on-line training course for people, who think about starting the entrepreneurial adventure (future entrepreneurs, free-lancers, unemployed) and others, who are interested in entrepreneurship. The content focuses on competences that are crucial for becoming a successful entrepreneur. The platform is an interactive motivation environment that enables training providers (organizations, trainers, educators) to inspire their learners to develop their skills, change behaviours and drive innovation. The main objective of this project is to foster entrepreneurial mind-sets skills, to encourage active entrepreneurship among adult people and also strengthen the cooperation between organization with a view to establishing exchanges of practices and motivate them to think creatively "out of the box" in order to enhance self-employability and business creation.


2. Teaching Notes on how to use Let´s Guide Course and Interactive Learning Scenarios in your classroom

Teaching notes – the trainer’s guide (and all its resources) have been designed to support trainers of potential entrepreneurs, freelancers and unemployed in the age of 30-45 with a medium or long work experience with developing their skills and competences regarding successful entrepreneurship. It will help trainers to instruct about the use of e-learning content as interactive learning scenarios, training modules and storytelling multimedia training content. It contains academic content and practical activities, together with extra content as: technical description of the resources, internationalisation materials and additional external resources.

Link: Let´s Guide TrainersGuide

3. Interviews with succesful entrepreneurs from the project countries – real life stories experience

Link: Multimeda