Eslöv Municipality shows interest in Lets Guide project

Eslövs municipality met in June 2017 Jacob Kobus from Foxpopuli, a partner in the Let's Guide EU project. Charlotte Bernström the head of labour department and Lars Persson the head of business development are interested in working/cooperating with organisations that can provide educational support for newly arrived migrants. The problem is that they have no soft skills in finding suitable employment and in this process they need support to learn how to become entrepreneurs.

The first IO of the Let’s Guide project is completed

Since the beginning of the project in September 2016, partners have been working to collect the most significant entrepreneurship stories that could be of relevance at different national levels. While working to identify the stories to be shared, the Consortium also developed tools to carry out interviews, including a set of questions that allowed the partners to find out the most critical elements characterizing the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in different cases, and specific guidelines for filming the interviews.