Improving your entrepreneurial skills from your sofa?

Have you ever wondered if there is a place on the Internet, which helps you in getting to know the basics of entrepreneurship? Well, there is one – free e-learning platform developed under Erasmus+ Let’s Guide project.

It offers a substantial course for people who are interested in entrepreneurship and want to pursue a career in this area or develop some entrepreneurial skills. Its biggest advantage is that it is very interactive with many real-life examples, quizzes and videos. 

Great leadership begins with self-leadership

Although leadership is a very popular topic nowadays, self-leadership isn’t. It is easy to assume why… Self-leadership concerns a more challenging and complex skill to possess. It is closely connected to the concepts of personal growth, self-efficacy, self-confidence and self-motivation, and it impacts on all aspects of our lives; from our professional and personal relationships to our health.

Moving from an idea to a business model

When planning on start a new business model, it's necessary to have an idea first. We all have them but, if not planned correctly, they may become another project that never saw the light or even worst, a project that failed soon after it's launch. So, in order to avoid this situation there are a few steps you may want to consider before starting a new business. Planning is key here so, you may require paper, pen a good dose of patience.

1)Seeking an opportunity:

Resilience, a skill to be developed

The term resilience stems from resilire, resilio, Latin for “bounce” – hence the idea of “bouncing back” (Manyena et al., 2011) and refers to the maintenance of positive adjustment under challenging conditions.
This term is back in fashion thanks to the world leaders, like Barack Obama, who spoke of it as a decisive factor to get out of the recent crisis: “Resilient Dynamism”, was the focus of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013.